Registering and logging in

The following applies to Version 2. of the site.

Registering with Dr Andy gives you the opportunity to open a free open-source account, and to subsequently upgrade it to a private account.


Email address

The email address you give here needs to be valid, because we will use it to contact you about your account.


In order to personalise the account you must select a unique subdomain name. Thereafter you will be able to login using this unique address. The subdomain must be one word consisting of numbers and charaters, all lower case, and the "-" character. Once you have seleted this you will henceforth login using this subdomain, so, if you choose the subdmain "fred", you will in future access "" to access your account. Only one level of subdomains is permitted.


Passwords must be a minimum of seven characters containing a mixture of upper and lower case, a number and a "special" character.

Demo projects

Your new account will be populated with a set of demo projects. You can edit or delete these as you choose.

Logging in

You log in to your own sub-site using your subdoman in front of the docandys domain, so "".

External providers for logging in

In order to use facilities associated with other sites, especially GitHub, you can combine your accounts at external sites with To do this, register as usual and then click on your email address in the menu bar. This will bring up the following page:


Click on "manage" next to "external logins".

Select one of the available external providers.

Manage external

If you are already logged in with this provider you will immediately be returned, otherwise you must log in with the provider and accept the limited access docandys requests to your account. Please note for social media accounts we will not post on your behalf or in anyway modify your account.

When you have logged in you will be returned to our site where you can remove the association at any time.

Manage response

Next time you log in you can use whichever methods you have set up.


Registering with an external provider

If you click on an external provider during login for whom you have not set up an association, the system will try to match you up with an exiting account. However, since the may that credentials are created varies dramatically from vendor to vendor a match is unlikely. In this case the system will attempt to register you afresh with a new account. You will be asked to provide an email address in this case, and registration will fail if this is not unique. If you didn't intend to register by this method please see above.'